Sunnyside Water-Based Nano 600

Water-Based NANO Drops 600mg of CBD.


**It is 3 times as strong as our traditional CBD oils, so you only need 1/3 the dose!**


Brand new to the Canadian market, and only available though SunnySide Botanicals!


As beneficial as CBD oil is, our bodies are still made up of roughly 60% water, which can make a huge difference in the bioavailability of many of the CBD administration methods currently on the market.


Nano-Emulsified CBD is a new, patent-pending technology that shrinks CBD down many many times smaller, increasing some of its benefits. One of which: It makes it water-soluble, so, Sunnyside has diluted the concentration in distilled water, instead of MCT oil.  SunnySide Botanicals Nano CBD is up to 95% Bio-Available, even if ingested like an edible- unlike your typical CBD oil, which is about 9% efficient if the dose is consumed in an edible/ beverage.


What about bioavailability?


NANO CBD particles are between 400-2000% smaller than other oil-based CBD products, which make’s it INCREDIBLY efficient, no matter how one ingests it – up to 95% bioavailable!


Better yet: It is 3 times as strong as our other CBD, so you only need 1/3 the dose!* You don’t have to hold it under your tongue, and you can enjoy it with any other beverage. Better still: its benefits are felt much more quickly too!


The encapsulated molecule is not in direct contact with the environment allowing it to be release when needed. This is because the body doesn’t absorb fat molecules, and must encapsulate them in water inside the gut before it can be absorbed. 90% of any medication that is taken orally is destroyed by the liver and stomach acids before it is able to be utilized by the body.


This is due to the first pass effect, Basically if you take 20 mg of Advil your body only uses about 2 mg of it effectively due the body braking it down faster then the drug can enter your body. This is also the case for CBD or any other cannabinoids.


This is why Nano CBD is the best option: It is 3 times as strong as our other CBD oils, so you only need 1/3 the dose!* You don’t have to hold it under your tongue, and you can enjoy it with any other beverage.


Major Benefits of Nano Emulsified CBD:

  • you only need 1/3 the dose to be as effective
  • its benefits are felt much more quickly
  • Ideal to drop into your morning coffee or shake, protein shakes for the gym, or even water throughout the day.
  • You don’t have to hold it under your tongue


Sunnyside Botanicals Nano CBD tincture

1 ml = 20mg CBD (equivalent to 3ml oil based CBD ingested sublingually)


Sunnyside Botanical has some of the best Lab testing practices in the industry. This care and attention goes into every CBD oil And CBD Treats SunnySide Botanicals  produces.  True leaders in the field of cannabinoids and quaility control. Sunnyside Botanical is leading the charge with up to date Lab reports on every batch of CBD.




This is the most eco-friendly CBD oil on the market:

  • 60% less farmland to grow due to increased effectiveness everyone need less.
  • 60% Reduction in chemicals needed to grow the equivalent amount of medically active cannabinoids.
  • 60% cost reduction to produce the Plant.
  • 60% of the cost deduction to transport cost, if it weighs less to transport it cost less in fuel.


We must move forward from a place of environmental and social responsibility, even though this industries is barley learning to walk. it is our goal to bring you the best product for yourself and the planet. Nano CBD oil is the answer.   


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Sunnyside Water-Based Nano 600

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