SunnySide RELIEF Stick
RELIEF Muscle Balm
A potent dose of our PURE CBD featuring Cooling Menthol and SunnySides in-house infused Arnica-Oil. 400mg of CBD per oz of balm to provide the RELIEF you need.
Naturally warming sensation to help sooth muscles and release tension to provide relief. With specifically chosen ingredients working together to aid and target those troubles areas.   1oz container. 
*= Organic Ingredients , **Includes Essential Oils from Young Living
Sunnyside Botanicals Relief Stick
1oz (shot glass)                  400mg CBD
Sunnyside Botanical has some of the best Lab testing practices in the industry. This care and attention goes into every CBD oil SunnySide Botanicals  
True leaders in the field of cannabinoids and quaility control. Sunnyside Botanical is leading the charge with up to date Lab reports on every batch of CBD. 

Though research is still being done to make sure that there are no long term effects of CBD, this isn’t something new, but a naturally growing plant that has been used for thousands of years.
People have reported the following differences when using CBD Relief stick:
	Better Pain Management
	Improved Mobility
	Easing Of Joint Pain 
	Relief From Old Injuries

Cannabidiol and Cannabis may have only recently come to the attention of consumers, but it has been around and used for thousands of years. There are multiple accounts and recent recognition for the power of hemp is more of a renaissance, than a new discovery.
Always consult your Doctor if your currently taking any medications or have any medical history.
Always consult a medical professional before starting any new supplements.
Click here to learn how CBD works within our bodies to help manage pain and inflammation.
How Does CBD Oil Work For Managing Pain And Inflamation In The Body? 
If you have any Questions, Please talk to one of our experts either by sending email. or by calling/texting the number provied on our webiste.
We would be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

SunnySide RELIEF Stick

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