SunnySide Pet 500

Sunnyside Botaniclas 500mg pet CBD Tincture For Dogs And Cats.


This formula is meant to help the body relax and achive balance through our Pets Endocannbiniod System. This is recommended for dogs getting up in thier golden years.

Dogs with arthritis and joint pains are prime candiates.


The Sunnyside Botanical pet CBD tincture works wonders to calm pets with anxiety issues.

Every pet is different. The best practice is to start with a low dose and work up to the recommended level. 


This will insure that your dog or cat gets the right dose for their individual need, Age, weight and breed can all play a factor. Start low, Go Slow.


Sunnyside Botanicals Pet CBD tincture

500mg | 30ml             1 ml = 16.66 mg CBD


Sunnyside Botanical has some of the best Lab testing practices in the industry. This care and attention goes into every CBD oil And CBD Treats SunnySide Botanicals  produces.  True leaders in the field of cannabinoids and quaility control. Sunnyside Botanical is leading the charge with up to date Lab reports on every batch of CBD.




Many pet parents and caretakers have found changes in their animals and reporting the following differences when using CBD oil for their pets.


These Included:


  • Improved skin & coat

  • More energy

  • Better pain management

  • Increased appetite

  • Reduced anxiety/ aggression

  • Improved mobility


The average 50lb dog uses about .5ml of the Pet CBD Tincture per day, Which works out to around $0.65 a day, which is less then the price of dount from timmy's.


Studies show that pet ownership reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, helps to prevent heart disease, helps to fight depression, and therefore lowers one's healthcare costs ( Our pooches love is literally saving us from the dreaded doctor visits, don’t you think it is time to pay it forward!


Cannabidiol and Cannabis may have only recently come to the attention of consumers and pet parents, but it has been around and used for thousands of years. There are multiple accounts and recent recognition for the power of hemp is more of a renaissance, than a new discovery.


Though research is still being done to make sure that there are no long term effects of CBD, this isn’t something new, but a naturally growing plant that has been used for thousands of years.


Always consult your veterinarin if your pet is currently taking any medications or has a medical history. It is best practice to always consult a medical professional before starting any new supplements.


Click here to learn how CBD works within our pets bodies to help manage pain and inflammation.

Can CBD Oil Help With My Dogs Joint Pain?


As we can all see in their faces when we say goodbye every morning, Dogs are particularly prone to anxiety when their owners are away.

Will CBD Oil Help To Manage My Dogs Anxiety


If you have any Questions, Please talk to one of our experts either by sending email or calling/texting the number provied on the webiste.


SunnySide Pet 500

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