SunnySide Spectrum 1800

Sunnyside Botanicals Full Spectrum CBD 1800mg tincture.


Strength: 1 ml = 60mg CBD 


Comes in a measured dropper bottle for convenient and accurate dosing.
Bottle and Box features a nature-inspired custom art wallpaper design.


What is Full Spectrum CBD?


CBD is just one of many cannabinoids found in cannabis. CBD, and its other popular friend, THC, are just 2 of the over 100 cannabinoids potentially found within each plant, or strain. Just like the light-spectrum contains all the beautiful colours of the rainbow, there is a wonderful family of cannabinoids with their own individual mix of benefits and therapeutic effects.


When CBD is referred to as FULL-SPECTRUM it means it contains ALL the other cannabinoids that were extracted with it including trace amounts of THC. (Note that when any of the cannabinoids in an extract, such as THC, are removed, the result is no longer full-spectrum and is, instead, BROAD-SPECTRUM. Obviously, if you remove a portion of something, it's no longer full)  

Because hemp extracts are CBD-potent and contain a very small amount of THC, it is the choice for our full-spectrum CBD products as we can extract a therapeutic oil that’s well rounded enough to provide superior benefits via multiple cannabinoids, without intoxication.


When THC and CBD are combined, there is a synergy that makes their combined therapeutic benefits greater than if consumed on their own. This cannabinoid-synergy is more commonly known as the ENTOURAGE EFFECT.


There is less than 1mg of THC and over 60mg of CBD.


We’re confident that this ratio is high enough to provide therapeutic benefits without intoxication.

We want to take this opportunity to clarify something: CBD is psychoactive – it influences your brain chemistry by helping to produce serotonin.


To say this is not psychoactive is clearly wrong. What it won’t do is provide an intoxicating effect, rendering you unable to perform some of your regular day to day activities with your regular ability.


We are so excited to be finally offer these products available to you from a trusted source.

It's time to enjoy the sunny side of life.


If you are subject to drug testing at your work place we recommend choosing a different product. Even though this is non intoxicating, everyone metabolism is different.  We recommend a CBD isolate product in these cases.


CBD Isolate products here


If you have any Questions,  One of our experts would be happy to assist you in answering any you may have. 


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SunnySide Spectrum 1800

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