SunnySide 1500
Sunnyside Botanicals CBD isolate 1500mg tincture.
Strength: 1 ml = 50mg CBD 
Comes in a measured dropper bottle for convenient and accurate dosing.Bottle and Box features a nature-inspired custom art wallpaper design.
Sunnyside Botanical has some of the best Lab testing practices in the industry. This care and attention goes into every CBD oil SunnySide Botanicals  
 True leaders in the field of cannabinoids and quaility control. Sunnyside Botanical is leading the charge with up to date Lab reports on every batch of CBD. 

What is CBD Isolate?
CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD possible, it is a fine sugar-like powder Containing 99% Pure CBD (cannabidiol). This CBD Isolate contains only the CBD compound which allows it to be used in its most concentrated form.
CBD isolate is an all-natural Cannabinoid supplement made from the process of isolating the CBD out of full spectrum oil. This crystalline is then used in almost all the CBD products on the market today, full spectrum hemp oil usually contains trace elements of other plant materials, the process of isolating the CBD into crystal form. In turn removes the remaining oils, wax, chlorophyll and other plant materials, until you are left with CBD Isolate refined to the highest level of purity.
Why Would I choose a CBD oil made from CBD Isolate? 
CBD crystalline is ideal for people seeking CBD in the purest form, most manufactures of products often start with CBD isolate to guarantee the correct CBD potency because of the ease of measurement.
If your currently taking a hemp derived CBD products chances are you are already using CBD in the isolated form. Remember that caution is your best friend, until you know how CBD or any other cannabinoids effects you on an individual level, start low and go slow.
What are the best ways to use CBD isolate? 
Intrested in a CBD oil for you pets 
What is the best CBD oil in Canada.
Cannabidiol and Cannabis may have only recently come to the attention of consumers and pet parents, but it has been around and used for thousands of years. There are multiple accounts and recent recognition for the power of hemp is more of a renaissance, than a new discovery.
 Though research is still being done
 to make sure that there are no long term effects of CBD, this isn’t something new, but a naturally growing plant that has been used for thousands of years.
Always consult your veterinarin if your pet is currently taking any medications or has a medical history. It is best practice to always consult a medical professional before starting any new supplements.
If you have any Questions,  One of our experts would be happy to assist you in answering any you may have. 
Contact us anytime at or by calling/texting the number on the webiste.

SunnySide 1500

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Please note, products we carry are derived from hemp, The products contain 0.3% THC or less and made with only the purest hemp oils and extracts. All products are to be used as supplements. You must be 18+ to purchase from our website. The information on our site is for general information purposes only. It is not meant to cure, mitigate, diagnose or treat conditions or symptoms. We do not offer any medical advice.


We recommend you should always talk to your health care professional before making any changes or using new supplements for both you and your pet. Caution should be taken when using any supplements with medications and if any undesirable side-effects occur, stop using the supplement immediately.

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