Calyx Puppy Love Bath Bloom

Calyx Puppy Love Bath Bloom


Calyx CBD Soothing Oatmeal Bath Bloom - 100mg of CBD


It's now time to upgrade your pets grooming regime. These Bath bombs are desiged specifically for your dog so they can soak in the benefits of oatmeal and CBD.


Introducing the next best health and wellness product for your highly valued companions – Puppy Love Bath Blooms! Calyx Wellness is here to heal the whole family, pets included! Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, works within our ECS and CBD receptors to promote homeostasis for optimal health, in all mammals.


Our furry friends are such an important contributor to our happiness and overall wellbeing and are there for us unconditionally. We are driven to develop new innovative ways to return the favor to them and express our dedication to curating a holistic wellness experience to promote their utmost comfort and good fortune in the long run. Cannabidiol offers such immense benefits across a wide variety of ailments and diseases to all mammals. We’ve offered CBD ingestible products from the beginning, expanding the product line over time, and have seen incredible results.


This inspired us to keep the momentum and create something to promote the topical benefits to our pets, as well. Bath time in general can be something that triggers anxiousness in our furry friends and CBD’s anxiolytic effects lend itself to making this a smoother experience that your pet genuinely enjoys. Our Puppy Love Bath Blooms are an optimal choice if you are looking to reduce aggression and hyperactivity, soothe bug bites and other irritated skin conditions, and relieve muscle and joint pain.


Calyx's Puppy Love CBD bath bomb for dogs is crafted with soothing oatmeal, which contains vitamin B, which assists with maintaining a health coat. It also contains linoleic acid, which is a type of omega-6 fatty acid, to encourage strong and healthy skin in dogs. This product is appropriate for any age! It can act to maintain and protect good health from a young age, as a preventative of dormant skin and pain conditions, and to provide comfort and stability in old age.


Calyx Wellness is proud to be the first to offer CBD Pet Bath Bombs, their goal?

To revolutionize your pet’s skincare and overall wellness routine.

#Pampered Pooch.

Calyx Puppy Love Bath Bloom


  • The process is simple and easy to follow. Begin by filling the tub roughly halfway up your pet’s leg, or more if desired. Drop in your bath bloom and let it dissolve fully. The outer layers of baking soda and citric acid are what react with the bath water to give you this experience. It is up to you how deeply submerged your pet in the tub of water, depending on problem areas or goals. Let your pet soak in the goodness of soothing oatmeal and CBD therapy for between 2 and 5 minutes. Rinse your pet and continue with their wash and shampoo routine.


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We recommend you should always talk to your health care professional before making any changes or using new supplements for both you and your pet. Caution should be taken when using any supplements with medications and if any undesirable side-effects occur, stop using the supplement immediately.

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