Calyx Max - Chicken

Calyx Max Chicken Tincture For Dogs - 1000mg


The Calyx Max CBD tinctures are designed specifically for Larger breed dogs. It is the higest concentration  in this line, with 1000mg of Hemp derived CBD.


Calyx Wellness sources all of the CBD from non-GMO mature industrial hemp stalks that have been tested and certified.


This tincture is to help aid in the functions the mind and bod, a natural way to support our pets. Many pets have experienced improved mobility, reduced pain and relief from stress.


Be sure to check out other Calyx Products flavours and concentrations.

Calyx Max - Chicken

  • MCT Oil, Chicken Flavour (Sunflower Seed Oil and Natural Flavouring), Hemp-Extracted Cannabidiol

  • < 5 lbs: 1 – 2 drops (0.83 – 1.67 mg CBD)
    5 – 10 lbs: 2 – 5 drops (1.67 – 4.2 mg CBD)
    10 – 20 lbs: 5 – 10 drops (4.2 – 8.3 mg CBD)
    20 – 35 lbs: 0.25 – 0.5 mL (8.3 – 16.7 mg CBD)
    35 – 50 lbs: 0.5 – 0.75 mL (16.7 – 25 mg CBD)
    50 – 70 lbs: 0.75 – 1 mL (25 – 33.3 mg CBD)


    With pets, it’s best to give them their dose on a spoon rather than by dropper – it’s easier, cleaner and safer for the pet, who will not hold the oil under their tongue anyway!


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Please note, products we carry are derived from hemp, The products contain 0.3% THC or less and made with only the purest hemp oils and extracts. All products are to be used as supplements. You must be 18+ to purchase from our website. The information on our site is for general information purposes only. It is not meant to cure, mitigate, diagnose or treat conditions or symptoms. We do not offer any medical advice.


We recommend you should always talk to your health care professional before making any changes or using new supplements for both you and your pet. Caution should be taken when using any supplements with medications and if any undesirable side-effects occur, stop using the supplement immediately.

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