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Anxiety: You're not alone & some people have turned to CBD.

According to the Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada - anxiety disorders affect "12% of all Canadians in any given year".

If there is approximately 36 million people in Canada, that would equate to 4,320,000 suffering from some form of anxiety disorder. So trust when people say you're not alone.

Using Cannabis for a natural alternative for stress relief is not something new.  In fact there is records dating back centuries for  the use of hemp and cannabis in medicine. 

But as we begin to study more about the power this plant has, we've learned a compound found in it can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress. 

One study suggest that CBD has "anxiolytic properties in human volunteers submitted to a stressful situation." This study was done by a double blind study comparing the results of 2 other drugs.

Along with the exploration of how our endocannabinoid system plays major roles in the health of our body & mind, we have learned CBD interacts with the this system and helps create homeostasis. Regulating chemical compounds that affect your mood, such as serotonin or dopamine.

While it's important that we need to continue to study and learn more about CBD and the effects of all forms of anxiety there is overwhelming anecdotal evidence that people are receiving benefits from daily use of CBD(cannabidiol).  

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