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A Guide to Chemical Free Pain Relief.

Updated: Feb 24

Finding ways to manage pain naturally

- A Quick Guide to Chemical Free Pain Relief.

Aches and pain affect many Canadians throughout all age groups. It seems to be a continually growing problem and many Canadians are looking for chemical free ways to help deal with their pain.

So, whether we venture into the past or look to new technology to help relieve our pain, there are many options with promising results that are worth exploring.

This is our top list of suggested ways to help better your health and manage pain.

1: Nutrition is your first line of defence

One of the most important things that should start this list of different ways to better manage pain is to start with the food you’re eating. It may seem silly starting with something so fundamental to life, but I do believe people often forget that this is literally the foundation to our health. It’s one of the most influential, daily things we do. A lot of our bodily functions, like creating the neurotransmitters in our brain to regulating your moods can all be affected by the foods you eat.

This is where a nutritionist can be very helpful, especially if you know your daily food choices could improve. I’m not saying to follow a specific diet, because that doesn’t work. It must be about your lifestyle and daily choices. If there is one thing that cannot be denied it’s that whole, unprocessed, fresh food is far better for your health than the quick convenient “fast” food that surrounds us. A diet full of variety and colour provides your body with the nutrients that our bodies need to thrive.

Processed food, refined carbohydrates and a diet high in processed sugars is not going to help your body function optimally. Poor diets can lead to greater inflammation. Therefore, we chose to start with seeing a nutritionist. It’s the most important place to start when it comes to preventing future health problems and help us when we’re ill or ailing. We must put more emphasis on eating food that healthily fuels our bodies so they can function as they are supposed to.

2: Meditation: Calm your mind.

If cortisol levels remain high over a long period of time, Inflammation can become a internal response to stress. That’s right! Stress not only has an affect on your mind but on your body too. Improving metal wellness can help improve your overall health.

There are many different things people do to improve the health and wellness of their minds. We’ve chosen meditation as a great place to start. This is a thousand-year-old tradition, practiced all over the world. Some studies even suggest that meditating can help decrease the intensity of the pain you feel.

If you're not ready to jump into a meditation class, download an app or check out some guided meditations available on YouTube. There is some great resources out there now literally at your fingertips to help start you on your journey of meditation.

3: Learn about Herbal remedies, adaptogens, topicals or supplements that can benefit you.

There are many different products on the market, and it can be confusing. I get that. The best thing I can suggest, don’t take our word for it, do your own research and look for studies. Many plants mitigate pain and influence how our bodies respond to it. Things like CBD (cannabidiol) found in hemp, curcumin in turmeric and many other plants are a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory that can help reduce pain.

These are just a few options to inquire about that might help influence how your body responds to inflammation and help manage pain.

- Chaga Mushrooms

- CBD / Hemp

- Turmeric / curcumin

- Ginger

- Reishi/Lingzhi Mushrooms

- Cannabis

- Green tea / Matcha

4. Acupuncture

Acupuncture for Pain Relief

This ancient practice is famous throughout China and has been practiced for approximately three thousand years. Acupuncture is applying needles strategically throughout the body to help stimulate the area. It is meant to release or direct chi – energy – to help the body heal.

According to one study, it is suggesting that acupuncture may be helpful in dealing with chronic pain and is a considered a reasonable option for people to try. If you’re interested, reach out to an Acupuncture clinic. Ask them questions, I could only imagine that they’d be happy to help.

Practice Tai Chi for improved health and wellness.

5. Tai Chi

It may seem counter intuitive, but exercise has tremendous benefits even when it comes to pain. It releases endorphins but also can strengthen your body.

Tai Chi is a traditional martial art with a bit of a slower pace. Focusing on your qi – energy – and movement of your body. It’s practiced for its mind and body benefits.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a systemic review and meta-analysis suggests the significance of the weight shifting and movements can strengthen joints. Many of your local gyms or rec centres will have classes to guide and teach you the art of Tai Chi. Grab a friend and sign up. Your body and mind will thank you.

Its understandable to want to try and naturally improve our health. For this reason, we put together some of our favourite chemical free ways to help with pain.

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