CBD Oil Interactive Dosage Calculator For Dogs & Animals

Always start with half the recommended dose of any CBD oil. Going Low And Slow. Working your way up to the recommended levels over
1-2 weeks.

Different CBD Oil manufactures and vets recommendations slightly differ when it comes to dosing.

Currently there is not a
 standard Vet CBD Dosing Chart or clear dosage schedules for specific aliments, but...  

Studies are underway into CBD and cannbinoids healing potential  which is pointing to a very positive outlook that CBD is a new natural option to have in the toolbox of pet owners. 

 (Study At Bottom That Does Have Clear Guild Lines)

A little experimentation used to be required. in order to get it right CBD Oil dosage for your dog or cat. Luckily.

EarthMade has taken 5 years of data, over 10,000 products sold and created this personalized CBD oil for Dog Calculator & CBD oil cat dosage calculator. Which instantly eliminates the fear of knowing where to start.

CBD Oil for Dogs Dose
Calculator with ml/mg math

Dog taking CBD Hemp Oil from Tincture Dr

Using the CBD oil Calculator below will ensure your experience using CBD oil for your pet has the best possible outcome.


Without wasting it or using unnecessary amounts of CBD oil on your animals.

Start by entering in your Dog's weight, age, the reason you want to try CBD oil for your dog into the calculator included Severity. 


This CBD oil dog/Animal Calculator will tell you how much your dog requires in a CBD tincture and How many mg of CBD will be require per day for optimal results. This only a guideline and starting point based on what we have learned over the years.  


We suggest you play around with the dose a bit. To find what works best for your pet and situation as different breeds, age and energy levels can all play a factor. 

We always suggest starting with a low dose of  your Pets CBD tincture. Working your way up, over until you achieve the desired results.

The three steps to starting an ideal CBD Oil dosage for your dog or cat are:


1. Start with one low daily dosage

2. Observe your pet’s condition and behavior

3. Slowly increase the dosage until you achieve desired results

CBD Calculations For 50 lbs Dog.

50 lbs Dog

Reason: Joint Pain

Serverity: Medium

Age: 3 - 5 Years

You need this CBD concentration or higher

In the entire Bottle/Tincture.

Dosage Calculator.png

Because 17mg X 30ml = 500mg 

We'd need a 500mg /

30 ml Tincture or Bottle.

After The Required Dose Of CBD Oil For Your Dog / Cat Is Established.
The Next Step, Is Finding The Best CBD Oil Tincture For Your Pet.


Now that you have the amount of CBD Your Pet requires Daily and how much CBD you will require in the Bottle/Tincture. 


It is now time to find the best CBD Tinctures for your dogs. If your in Canada, you can order directly from our website.


If you're looking for CBD oil Calculator for your dog in the UK or Australia. Simply use this free tool,

Then check reddit for CBD oil for dogs recommendations or google CBD hemp shop or CBD hemp Pet Online retailer near you to acquire the CBD tincture that matches for your pet.

Typically, CBD pet tinctures usually come in a standard 30ml bottle. With concentration varying between 250mg, 500mg  and  1000mg.  This Represents is Total AMOUNT OF CBD IN THE BOTTLE.

If you want to know how much CBD is in a ml (dropper) of liquid.  

Simply take the concentration Example: 500mg divide by the amount of ml it contains (30ml). 500/30= 16.6mg/ml

What Is The Ideal Dosage & Schedule For When Using CBD?

When you first begin to use CBD for you animal, we recommend starting with a dosage that is half (or less) of the recommended dose.

Its doesn't matter what part of the world your living in. If your looking for a CBD oil calculator for dogs and living in Australia, UK or anywhere else on the planet the general guidelines will be the same.


If the recommended dosage is 0.5 ml, for example, start your pet off with 0.25 ml  or less, once a day. it is key to stay with the schedule for the first few days. Once you feel the product is well tolerated by your pet, you can start to increase the dose.


If you are seeing the benefits you are looking for on the initial dose, there is no need to increase the dosage. Continue with half a dose. This will give you room to move up if the situation changes or for the senior dogs a high dose on the Ruff days. We suggest administering the dose of CBD oil at the same time each day. At least once.


CBD has about a 8 hour window for it to be bioavailable and active within your dogs body. If you are using these CBD products for general health reasons. One dose per day is perfectly acceptable. If however you are dealing with a chronic pain or injury or stress in order to achieve the best results. We recommend two doses per day. One in the AM and one in the PM, preferably 8-12 hours apart.

The dosage advice on this page may differ from what you have read on other websites. This is because every product is different, and each company’s dosage recommendations depend on its own experiences and the concentrations of CBD. Unfortunately there are no clear cut guidelines, every pet is a bit different. Age, Weight And Breed can all play a factor. 

 Can A Low Dose Of CBD Work For Cats Work? 

If your dog or cat is responding well to a low dose regime and their health appears to be improving stay at these low-levels. If you feel the health condition still needs further work. 


As with any supplements, it is a good idea to always move back down to the lowest possible effective dose, a higher dose may sometimes be necessary, where possible always move the dose back down. This lower dose gives you more scope to increase the dose to help provide symptom management and alleviation should your animal have a flare-up of their condition.  


250mg 30ml 8.5 mg per ml Small Breed