How To Find The Optimal CBD Dosage For Your Pets

Dog taking CBD Hemp Oil from Tincture Dr

CBD Dosage And Concentration

For Your Dog Or Cat.

We always suggest starting low and working your way up until you achieve the desired results.

The three steps to determining the ideal CBD dosage for your dog or cat are:


1. Start with one low daily dosage

2. Observe your pet’s condition and behavior

3. Slowly increase the dosage until you achieve desired results

It used to require a little experimentation in order to get it right dosage. We have taken 5 years of data, over 10,000 products sold and made this calculator below.  We have taken the guess work out having to know where and how to start with CBD oil.


Remember the dosing information below is a full dose. Always start with half the recommended dose of any CBD oil. Go Low And Slow. Working your way up to the recommended levels over 2 weeks.

Different CBD Oil manufactures and vets recommendations slightly differ when it comes to dosing. Use the calculator below to find how many milligrams of CBD need to be in the bottle and how much CBD needs to be in each ml of liquid.


This will ensure your experience using CBD oil for your pet has the best possible therapeutic effect. Without wasting it or using unnecessary amounts. In many cases when using CBD less is more and dialing in the perfect dose is half of the work. Administer it daily being the other. Luckily we already done the first half for you. Simply put in your dogs weight, age and reason for using in and PRESTO you have a starting point of how much CBD oil your dog needs in a bottle and daily.

What To Do With This Information

50 lbs Dog

Reason: Joint Pain

Serverity: Medium

Reason: Joint Pain

You need this concentration or higher

In the entire Bottle/Tincture Of CBD

Dosage Calculator.png

17mg X 30ml = 500mg 

Buy a 500mg per

30 ml Tincture or Bottle.

How To Pick The Best CBD oil Your Dog And Cat​​


Now That you have The amount of CBD Your Pet requires Daily and how much CBD you will require in the Bottle/Tincture.


it is now time to find the best CBD Tinctures for your Pet. They usually Come in a standard 30ml bottle with a concentration varying between 250mg, 500mg  and  1000mg.. What this number means is the TOTAL AMOUNT OF CBD IN THE ENTIRE BOTTLE . If you want to know how much CBD is in a ml of liquid take the concentration (500mg) divide by the amount of ml it contains (30ml).

16.66mg per ml
Medium  Breed
okangan pet 1000 Front T&B BG Switch.jpg
33.33mg per ml 
Large Breed 
Creating Brighter Days Fortify 250 Small

8.33mg per ml 
Small Breed

How to Start CBD and determining an ideal dosage schedule 

When you first begin to use CBD products, we recommend that you start with a dosage that is half (or less) of the recommended dose.  If the recommended dosage is 0.5 ml, for example, start your pet off with 0.25 ml  or less, once a day. it is key to stay with the schedule for the first few days. Once you feel the product is well tolerated by your pet, you can start to increase the dose. If you are seeing the benefits you are looking for on the initial dose, there is no need to increase the dosage. Continue with half a dose. This will give you room to move up if the situation changes or for the senior dogs a high dose on the Ruff days. 


We always  suggest administering the dose at the same time each day. At least once. CBD has about a 8 hour window for it to be bioavailable and active within your dogs body. If you are using these CBD products for general health reasons. One dose per day is perfectly acceptable. 

If however you are dealing with a chronic pain or injury or stress in order to achieve the best results. We recommend two doses per day. One in the AM and one in the PM, preferably 8-12 hours apart.

The dosage advice on this page may differ from what you have read on other websites. This is because every product is different, and each company’s dosage recommendations depend on its own experiences and the concentrations of CBD. Unfortunately there are no clear cut guidelines, every pet is a bit different. Age, Weight And Breed can all play a factor. 

Micro or Low Dose Of CBD Oil For Dogs And Cats

If your dog or cat is responding well to a low dose regime and their health appears to be improving stay at these low-level doses. If you feel the health condition still needs further work. You can move up to 0.25 mg per lbs for a couple weeks. If the animal’s health has improved, you can then dial it back down to the previous lower dose for two weeks. If the animal’s health condition has improved you may wish to maintain this dose for another week or so, or you can either maintain this dose a bit longer and then drop back down to a lower dose or drop backdown the initial dose range immediately.


As with any therapeutic agent, it is a good idea to always move back down to the lowest possible effective dose, a higher dose may sometimes be necessary, where possible always move the dose back down. This lower dose gives you more scope to increase the dose to help provide symptom management and alleviation should your animal have a flare-up of their condition.  


What Are The Side Effects Of CBD Oil?​​​

Side effects are fairly rare and CBD supplements are generally well tolerated by pets. Some of the unwanted effects which can occur include lethargy and drowsiness. If any of these arise, or you notice any other unwanted effects with the initial low dosage, there is no need to be overly concerned. Either reduce the dosage further or stop altogether. 

Initial signs of lethargy will subside within three or four days. Wait a few days before you stop treatment to see if the lethargy subsides as your pet’s body becomes accustomed to CBD. If no unwanted effects are observed the dosage can be slowly increased.

There isn’t evidence yet suggesting that long term use of CBD (at low doses) is associated with any health risks, and there aren’t reports of any accumulative toxicity related to prolonged CBD use. Therefore, if your animal has a long term health issue (such as arthritis or a neurological disorder) there shouldn’t be any issues with using CBD oil for as long as your pet needs it, so long as your vet is happy for this supplementation to occur alongside any medications they may need to prescribe down the road. 

How long before it takes effect?

How long before CBD Oil takes effect?

The benefits of CBD can sometimes be seen in the first few days, and in some cases, such as with anxiety, they can even be seen within the first hour. However, for certain applications, it can take up to 21 Days to see results as your pet’s body adapts. Be patient.! The number one  contributing factor  with finding success with CBD products is administering the product daily and  giving it the time it needs to works. 

Should I Choose A CBD Isolate, Nano CBD Oil and Full Spectrum For My Dog Or Cat?

CBD isolate is a great place to start when helping to relieve common conditions that animals experience. CBD isolate is an all-natural Cannabinoid supplement made from the process of isolating the CBD out of full spectrum oil.  In turn removes the remaining oils, wax, chlorophyll and other plant materials, until you are left with CBD refined to the highest level of purity. Hemp (All Cannabis plants containing less the 0.3% THC) and Cannabis can produce more then 100 different compounds known as cannabinoids, CBD isolate is one of those compounds.

Full spectrum products contain CBD, as well as other cannabinoids that naturally occur in the hemp plant, these include but are not limited to Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabinol (CBN), and trace amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Each of these cannabinoids offers therapeutic benefit, and when combined create an entourage effect within an animal’s endocannabinoid system. Full spectrum oil is most effective. In these more Severe or advanced illnesses such as cancers, neuropathic pain, excessive inflammation and major stress. 

NANO CBD Oil By shrinking the CBD particle down 400% we make it small enough to to fit amongst water molecules, making it 4-7x more bioavailable than Other CBD Oils. Our body is mostly made up of water and thus some intervention is required for effective CBD absorption. The CBD particle is not absorbed well by the body, as it is oil based and classified as hydrophobic, which means it does not mix with water. This immediate absorption means CBD is able to reach and connect to endocannabiniod receptor sites prior to passing through the liver and being metabolized. The effects of the product are less dependent on factors like diet or feeding schedule, generating more predictable, consistent results. nano-encapsulation also keeps CBD indefinitely stable, increasing the shelf life of the product.

How To Get The Most Of Your Pets CBD Products 

Staying with correct dosage schedule appears to be particularly important when working with CBD oil because there is an accumulative therapeutic effect over time as the CBD builds up and by using the product overtime will lead to a growing number of cannabinoid receptors .These cannabinoid receptors are the the highways CBD and other cannabinoids (including your pets own endocannabinoids to created balance and healing within the body) this isn't some hippy dippy stuff. Literally the Endocannabinoid system is the balancing system of our bodies, We have more cannabinoid receptors in our bodies then any other receptors, Skin, liver, stomach, heart and the list goes on.  This is why If you aren’t compliant with the dosing, The effects will be interrupted and then you may not see results as quickly or achieve the desired therapeutic effects.


Animal owners play a major role in the success of CBD oil. Consistency is key. It is immensely helpful to set a reminder and alarm on your phone. Also leaving your product out in the open somewhere you will see it at the key dosing times will help bigtime. A good idea is to keep it next to your dog’s food or where you keep your dog leash.

In humans most people find the CBD starts to produce its therapeutic effects within around half an hour, with symptom-relief effects wearing off after around 5-8 hours. Dosing around 6-8 hours apart during the day offers the best coverage for symptom relief.


Remember the dose calculator above is the amount needed per day, splitting the dose ONE AM ONE PM.

16mg divided by 2 = 8mg x 2 daily 

250mg 30ml 8.5 mg per ml Small Breed